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Can’t get organized? BrandID to the rescue!

Meet PhotoShelter's latest artificial intelligence suite addition: BrandIQ—made to help brands of every kind establish asset ROI for any image wh...

Here at PhotoShelter, we’re committed to helping creative people thrive by building tools for teams to collaborate intuitively to store, organize, access, and share any file from anywhere in the world with anyone of their choosing. Ease of use, speed, and unmatched security, that’s our DAM guarantee.

With PhotoShelter’s new artificial intelligence product suite: ObjectID, TextID, RosterID, and PeopleID and now BrandID, we’re aiming to make your tagging process quicker and easier. Our custom algorithms use machine learning superpowers to scan images and automatically identify and add tags for objects, text, people, and now brand marks.

BrandID to the rescue.

Never waste precious social media or photo team members’ time with the task of manually reviewing, tagging, and organizing folders of product images featuring brand marks or live event photos featuring a sponsor or partner’s logo on items or banners. 

The Benefits

BrandID works to help brands of every kind establish asset ROI for any image where a logo is present, be it yours or a partner’s. Want to be able to find, organize and deliver live event images to specific sponsors within minutes, not hours or days? With BrandID, all this is possible and more. With BrandID, you’ll have an effortless way to identify logos in your images. This turns demonstrating sponsorship ROI into a simple image search during a single event or over the course of an entire sponsorship. 

Even if part of your brand identity isn’t a designed, iconic logo, you can still benefit from implementing the automatic tagging magic of BrandID to help you search, organize, access and deliver images with brand partner’s logos and brand marks to them. For venues, sports teams, or media organizations that usually have multiple brand partners across industries, having a tool that instantly tags logos in images with insane accuracy helps teams knock gameday or live event media coverage out of the park.

Plus, with RosterID and PeopleID engaged in addition to BrandID, university athletic departments and major league teams can have images sorted in minutes with automatic tags applied that identify team players and the brands they’re wearing. Made to mimic the success of any team dynamic, our AI tools collaborate to deliver results that work for your brand’s needs. 

How It Works

BrandID can be trained to identify new logos in a matter of days. Just upload a catalog of logos and/or brand marks—with type or just the designed element, upload the photos you want it to search and label, and watch the automagic tags appear in no time.

Our system is getting smarter every day and the more variety it can learn from, the better it becomes.

Here’s how we’ve computed our artificial intelligence work by the numbers: 892,000 objects analyzed by TextID, over 11 million general labels tagged by ObjectID, 312,000+ brand logos recognized with BrandID, and over 1.18 million players identified across 9 sports categories with RosterID.

If you think implementing automatic logo tagging would be beneficial for your next event, product launch, or to help automatically tag and organize that massive library of archived assets you’re sitting on, simply reach out to a PhotoShelter team member and we’ll walk you through the simple setup.

Ready to transform your team’s creative workflow?