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PhotoShelter Adds Powerful Integrations with the Launch of CI HUB

This partnership creates a new streamlined workflow for brands to seamlessly integrate with other tech stacks and tools.

NEW YORK, NY, JUNE 6, 2024PhotoShelter, the premier digital asset management (DAM) and content distribution platform, today announced the launch of a new set of integrations with CI HUB, providing marketers and brands with more ways to integrate DAM software with their existing tools. PhotoShelter customers will now have instant access to integrate with leading software like Figma, Microsoft Office, Google Workspace and more to streamline workflows and increase productivity across teams. This is in addition to PhotoShelter’s existing integrations with tools such as Asana, Adobe CC, Canva and more.

A recent study showed that 65% of creative professionals say friction in their team’s workflow significantly impacts revenue-driving functions within their organization. With the CI HUB integration, PhotoShelter is doubling down on its commitment to streamlining content workflows, ensuring marketers can easily connect all the tools they currently use to develop, distribute and store content efficiently. 

“Marketing leaders want to find new ways to free up time for their teams to be more creative and generate better ROI from their content strategies. Our partnership with CI HUB brings new integrations to help our customers scale and deliver an engaging brand experience without adding to current workloads. With these new integrations, creatives and marketers can experience easier, faster, and better content distribution across channels.” 

Monika Smyczek, SVP of Product at PhotoShelter

Brands are not showing any signs of slowing down on content production. Marketing teams need relevant content to drive engaging marketing campaigns to increase revenue and grow their customer base. With the CI HUB integration, customers report reducing workloads by as much as 40% with the direct integration.

This integration expansion comes on the heels of PhotoShelter’s launch of its new library user interface, Lumen, making it the most intuitive UI on the digital asset management market.

Learn more about PhotoShelter’s integrations and partners.

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Founded in 2005, PhotoShelter is an industry-leading digital asset management solution that helps you organize, manage, distribute, instantly share, and collaborate with your team on digital content. With 5+ billion assets securely managed and nearly 100 million annual downloads, PhotoShelter is the fastest, easiest, and most intuitive way to manage and automate your end-to-end content workflow to drive your brand engagement, get better ROI from content and improve efficiency across your team. That’s why thousands of organizations and enterprises globally like Delta Air Lines, FreshDirect, IMG Golf, Wendy’s, and more trust PhotoShelter with their success. Now, with the 2023 acquisition of Socialie, PhotoShelter is able to help brands activate the social channels of all their stakeholders via automated content distribution and better understand how social content is performing across partner channels, to exponentially expand their reach and drive more engagement. Learn more at:

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